Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2016

The library had a productive, engaging year in fiscal year 2016.  Working on our vision, “To be an essential component, providing relevant services and engaging people community-wide,” has led us to reach out, be more creative, and provide new opportunities!  

The table to the right includes a sampling of statistics from fiscal year 2016. 

Download the 2016 Annual Report pdf below to see the published report created to summarize the high points of the year in an easy to read, colorful format. 

Link to the full statistical report (pdf format) that was turned in to the State Library of Iowa below.

Fast Facts
Fiscal Year 2015-2016

  • 79,678 Library Visits
  • 1,072 Summer Reading Program Participants
  • 11,815 Attended Library Programs
  • 56,851 Books in Collection  (Print and Electronic)
  • 5,730 Library Card Holders
  • 1,330 Volunteer Hours
Summer Reading Colorful Windows
One of our goals is to be relevant to your needs…and one of the best ways to do that is for you to give us input!  Here are ways that you can reach us at the library...we are glad you've already found the website.

Visit:  805 1st St East     Independence, Iowa
Phone:  319-334-2470