New Books and Audiobooks

  1. Minecraft NF

    Minecraft Online at Home (Virtual)

    Come to the eastern shores of Sunali! Read on...
  2. 3rd Thursday 4-15

    3rd Thursday with Hoover's Library (Virtual)

    Dr. George H. Nash explores “The Curious Case of Herbert Hoover.” Read on...
  3. Staff Dev NF

    Early Closure April 14

    IPL will close at 5:00 pm Read on...
  4. Maker Monday NF

    Maker Monday

    Join us as we craft virtually! Read on...
  5. on reserve newsflash

    IPL's Podcast

    Listen to On Reserve...the library's own podcast! Read on...
  6. taxes

    Tax Information - Federal and State

    Information and links to provide resources to help you file your taxes. Read on...
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  1. Our Mission
    To be an essential component, providing relevant services and engaging people community-wide.
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