Proctoring Services

Proctoring is offered at the library when space and staff time are available.


To schedule a time to have your exam proctored, please complete the Request a proctoring session form or call us at 319-334-2470.

Proctoring is available only during the library's open hours and when there is adequate staffing. Arrangements must be made ahead of time, so that there is adequate time for delivery of the exam to the library.

Make all arrangements with the institution giving the exam. Contact the institution to be sure that the library guidelines meet the exam criteria set by the institution.

Exams may be written on paper or taken online. The library staff person will ensure that the person taking the exam meets its requirements, such as verifying ID and whether he or she has any accompanying materials. However, it is not possible for the staff person to remain with the person taking the exam for the entire time.

You, or the examining institution, must provide postage if the exam is to be returned by mail. The library staff person proctoring the exam will be responsible for mailing the completed exam back to the examining institution.

Library staff will determine whether they have the available resources to proctor an exam and may decline if they do not have the staff available or the exam does not meet the guidelines listed above.

Appointment Required
The proctoring service is by appointment only. Please make every effort to schedule the exam two or more days ahead of time.

There is no fee for this service.