Use A Computer

Available Computers
The Independence Public Library has 15 public access desktop computers and 6 laptop computers for public use. Each of these computers has Internet access.

Library Card Required For Use
You can use the library's computers by logging in to our system with your library card number and password. Patrons are not allowed to "borrow" somebody else's username and password and will be asked to log out and may lose privileges if doing so. Please see a library staff person for help in logging in to a computer.

Visitors who are passing through town or have recently moved may obtain a day pass for computer usage.  Please ask a staff member.

Daily Time Limit
Patrons will automatically be given one hour of time to use a computer each day. If the computers aren't busy or there aren't people waiting with a computer reservation, the time management system will automatically give you additional 30 minute segments up to a maximum of two hours.  

Reserve A Computer
Please call us 319-334-2470 to reserve a computer for a certain day/time.
Library-Owned Laptops
There are a few specific guidelines for the library-owned laptops in addition to the normal guidelines for technology use.
  • Users must be a minimum of 13 years of age. Individuals from 13-17 must have an Independence Public Library Card and Services Application form signed by a parent or guardian. This form implies consent to check out a library-owned laptop.
  • Users check out laptops at the circulation desk and must leave a photo ID or library card at the desk while they use the laptop.
  • Once a laptop is checked out to a patron, the laptop becomes the responsibility of that person. The laptop should not be left unattended. The borrowing patron is responsible for returning the laptop to the circulation desk for check in when they are finished.
  • The borrower is responsible for replacement costs in the amount listed on the Fines and Fees Policy if the laptop is lost/stolen/damaged during his/her checkout period.
A group of children crowding around a library computer.
Wi-Fi Usage
  • Use your library card number as you username and your phone number as your password, unless you have set up a different password on your account.
  • Visitors who are passing through town or have recently moved may obtain a day pass for computer usage.  Please ask a staff member.
  • Library staff is able to provide only limited technical assistance. Typically there aren't problems, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to make a wireless connection.
  • Persons who bring their own portable computer/device may use the free wireless network after agreeing to the online user agreement as long as they have a valid library card.
  • There is no time restriction when you are using your own notebook/laptop
  • Use of the wireless network must conform to the acceptable use as outlined with other computers. 
A woman helps a young girl learn how to use the computer.
Early Literacy Computers
While in the library, children age 5 or older who have a library card and parental permission can use the library computers, with the exception of the early literacy computers. The library has 2 early literacy computers that any child may use, just ask at the desk. They are for children 2-8, have a touch-screen and special keyboard, and more than 50 educational programs for early learning!