"GET FIT" Opportunities

We would like to increase the fitness opportunities offered thru the IPRD. If you have any ideas for classes or are an instructor, please contact us at 319-334-6711.


A variety of adult fitness classes may be offered throughout the year at the Falcon Civic Center; including but not limited to: Cross-Training, Kickboxing, High Intensity Interval Training, Tai Chi, Boot Camp, Yoga, and ABC (abs, butt & core). Current information is posted on the calendar and also up to date information may be found on our Independence Parks & Recreation Department Facebook Page. 

We are looking for certified instructors to teach a variety of Fitness Classes at either the Falcon Civic Center or River'sEDGE. If you are an Instructor or know of one who may be interested, please contact the IPRD Director @ 319-334-6711 or email Bob to discuss options.

Indoor Walking Opportunities

Why Walk? Feel Better, Improve Mood, Get Stronger, Reduce Stress, Low Impact, Lose Weight, & NO equipment needed!!

Where: Falcon Civic Center, 1305 5th Avenue NE, Independence, IA & River'sEDGE, 206 2nd Avenue SW, Independence, IA

The Falcon Civic Center is open for those of you who are looking to get inside to walk through the winter. Walking in the Falcon Civic Center Gym is only $ .50 per time at the Falcon Civic Center and 18 laps around the gym is equal to 1 mile. Please call 319-334-6711 for availability of walking in gym, but generally the gym is open for walking when the Falcon Civic Center is open. Falcon Civic Center Winter Hours: Monday- Friday 5am- 8pm, Saturday 8am- 4pm, Sunday 12-4pm.

River'sEDGE Sport & Fitness has a walking track and is open for the public to come in and walk for $1 per time. Hours at River'sEDGE are typically: Monday- Friday 3:30-8pm, Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday 10am-4pm. 24-Hour Access is available for purchase with memberships. 

Outdoor Walking Opportunities

The Independence Community has plenty of opportunities for community members and visitors to walk, run, or bike around Independence. Riverwalk Parks provides a scenic view along Wapsipinicon River, Triangle Park includes a pond stocking with fish, a great place to spend the day with family and is a quiet and tranquil place to walk, run or bike.   



High Intensity Interval Training & Combo Classes

These styles of classes are open to all fitness levels and is offered at various times throughout the year. Details will be posted on Facebook and the calendar on our home page as they become available. Please consult your physician prior to beginning any new exercise regimen. If you have any questions, please contact the Falcon Civic Center @ 319-334-6711 or River'sEDGE @ 319-332-1525.

Cross-Training Classes

This Cross Training Class, taught by Janet Buls, will meet in the gym at the Falcon Civic Center on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 5:45am- 6:30am throughout the year. This class is open to women and men of all skill levels. This is a 45 minute class which consists of a warm-up, flexibility component, strength, cardio and cool down. This class will be a combination class, we will not exclusively use the bench and will incorporate a variety of other activities as well. Our goal is to provide a wonderful cardiovascular workout and an inviting atmosphere to meet new people. We recommend that you visit your physician before beginning this or any fitness program. This class meets at the Falcon Civic Center Gym located at 1305 5th Avenue NE, Independence. Cost is $4.00 daily drop-in or $30 per month. Payment is accepted at the Falcon Civic Center.

Tai Chi

Includes 45 minutes of Tai Chi which uses slow, smooth movements combined with controlled breathing to help people be more active. This class is for beginners and will include warm-ups and beginning movements or "forms". It is gentle and designed to help improve balance, strength and flexibility. Details will be avilable once they are determined by the instructor. 

Instructor is Janet Buls

Please consult your physician before beginning this class or any new exercise regimen. 


​This class will be focused on power and energizing as well as flexibility & de-stress. Great for the beginner but can be modified to fit everyone's fitness needs. Details will be available once they are determined by the instructor and posted on our Facebook Page. Please consult your physician prior to beginning any new exercise regimen. 

TaeKwonDo by Main's Peak Performance

Main's Peak Performance TaeKwonDo offers classes at River'sEDGE Sport & Fitness, located at 206 2nd Avenue SW, Independence. Tim Main is a black belt is TaeKwonDo and has been teaching TaeKwonDo for approximately 40 years in the Independence area. For information about TaeKwonDo, please contact the Instructor, Tim Main, at 319-361-3190.