Community Greenhouse

The IPRD Community Greenhouse is located just west of the Falcon Civic Center and north of the Skate Park and Indee Bark Park. This greenhouse allows the Parks Department the ability to enhance the parks system with plantings in both spring and fall. It also gives staff the ability to increase the growing season for trees, perennials, orchard trees and bushes, and community gardens plantings. The goal is to produce plantings each year to aid in aesthetics  and produce a consistent variety of plantings from seeds, root stock, and saplings. We will take donations of plants, trees, and bushes. If you have questions about the Greenhouse, would like to volunteer or donate, please feel free to call 319-334-6711 or email.

The Branching Out Program

In an effort to make Independence a greener City to live, play, and grow, the Independence Parks & Recreation Department began the "Branching Out" Program in the Spring of 2008. The original goal of the program was to replenish the aging population of trees within the City Parks. Thus far, all of the trees planted have been planted on site (placed in their permanent location). PLanting the trees on site saves on the future costs of moving trees and possible damage to the trees during transplantation.
Project Partners: Mid American Energy, George Hood Estate, Parks Personnel, Streets Personnel, City of Independence