River Rescue Training
Ice Rescue

The Independence Fire Department is devoted to protecting life and property of our community and the communities around us. Our department is made up of men and women who come from all walks of life. That's what makes us unique. We respond to numerous types of calls every year. From house fires, and car accidents, to water rescues, and grass fires, each one can present a different challenge and that's what makes it exciting. 

To become a member you must be 18 years of age and interested in training to be a firefighter. During the first year of your membership you will be on probation. During that time you will be required to be trained up to the State's Fire Fighter 1 level. This is a big time commitment and isn't for everyone. The Fire Fighter 1 class is just over 100 hours and is done as night classes at local fire departments. 

Training is what keeps us safe. Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month are our department's training nights. We are required to have a state minimum of 24 hours of training every year. Not only do we meet that, but we often attend fire schools around the state to expand our knowledge in fire service. Some of the topics we train on are: ladders, water rescue, high angle rescue, confined space rescue, extrication, search and rescue, ventilation, business walk through, CPR/1st aid, etc.

A lot of time & work go into becoming a firefighter, but it is a rewarding feeling knowing you're helping your community by being there when they need you the most. If you are willing to put in the time and effort to help your community please print off the application below, fill it out and return it to Independence Fire Station, 113 4th Ave S.E. You can also email it to the Independence Fire Chief.

Membership Application