Code Updates

To see recent ordinance changes that have been approved by City Council, please see below and click on the ordinance number to see a PDF version of the ordinance.  The below updates underneath a date are from Iowa Codification and are the entire Code of Ordinances.

Code changes approved by City Council - 2019

Ordinance NumberOrdinance Description
2019-504Rezoning of property
2019-505Rezoning of property

Code changes approved by City Council - 2018

Ordinance NumberOrdinance Description
2018-498Designating property for the Urban Revitalization Area 
2018-499Amending stops required, Chapter 65.02
2018-500Rezoning of property
2018-501Amending fireworks regulations, Chapter 41.13
2018-502Amending Airport Board, Chapter 25.04
2018-503Designating property for an Urban Renewal Area

Code changes approved by City Council - 2017

Ordinance NumberOrdinance Description
2017-482Amending Planing & Zoning Ordinances, Chapter 3.24
2017-483Amending Chapters 155 - 165 to update to International Building Code
2017-484Amending rates of services, Chapters 92.01, 92.02, and 99.05
2017-485Revised entire Chapter 180, Airport Ordinances
2017-486Amending City Boundaries, Chapter 41.13
2017-487Deleting TIF districts, Goldfinch Court and Pines 2nd Addition
2017-488Adding to Urban Renewal Area, 2017 Pines Addition
2017-489Adding to Urban Renewal Area, 2017 Jackson Green
2017-490Adding new Chapter 115, Perpetual Care Cemetery
2017-491Repealing section pertaining to Firearms/Weapon Free Zone, Chapter 41.15
2017-492Amending parking regulations, 2nd St SE, Chapter 69.08
2017-493Adding section on disorderly house, Chapter 40.08
2017-494Amending fireworks regulations, Chapter 41.13
2017-495Adding new chapter for Airport Board, Chapter 25
2017-496Revised sections 55.12 and 55.06
2017-497Revise and Repeal sections in Chapter 56

Code changes approved by City Council - 2016

Ordinance Number
Ordinance Description
2016-477Amending provisions to litter, Chapter 105.02
2016-478Amending provisions to lien exemption, Chapter 92.06
2016-479Amending provisions to interference with official acts, Chapter 41.06
2016-480Amending stops required, Chapter 65.02
2016-481Amending yields required, Chapter 65.04