2019 Resolutions

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Resolution DateResolution NumberResolution Description
01/14/20192019-01Approve Development Agreement
01/14/20192019-02Annual Designation of City's Depository
01/14/20192019-03Annual Designation of City's Official Newspapers
01/14/20192019-04Annual Designation of Mileage Reimbursement Rate
01/14/20192019-05Approval of Snow Emergency Parking Policy
01/14/20192019-06Ward 3 Sidewalk Assessments
01/14/20192019-07Airport Dedication
01/28/20192019-08Appointment to Airport Board
02/11/20192019-09Revision to City Employee Personnel Policy
02/11/20192019-10Appointment to Independence Light & Power Board of Trustees
03/11/20192019-11Award Contract for 1st Street East Reconstruction Project
03/11/20192019-12Award Contract for Melone Creek Bridge Project
03/11/20192019-13Approve Budget for Fiscal Year 2019/2020
03/11/20192019-14Snow Removal Fees Assessed
03/11/20192019-15Conveyance of Property