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On Reserve is a bi-monthly podcast from the Independence Public Library that explores topics, titles, and information of interest to the community. Listen in as staff and guests offer their thoughts and insight!

The latest episode, Stories of IPL, came out Oct. 18, 2023! It is available below (just click the play symbol), go to Spotify, or use your favorite podcast app!

Show Notes

Episode 1 - Virtual Programs at IPL

Episode 2 - Your Advantage at the Library

Episode 3 - Internet to go at IPL

Episode 4 - Stay up-to-date at the Library

Episode 5 - More Than Just Books

Episode 6 - In the Holiday Spirit

Episode 7 - Brush up on your knowledge with the library

Episode 8 - Looking back at One Book One Independence

Episode 9 - Exploring the Libraries in Your Neighborhood

Episode 10 - Celebrating Black History Month

Episode 11 - Following Characters Across Time

Episode 12 - Local Histories of the Great Depression, Part 1 (Interview Transcripts)

Episode 13 - Local Histories of the Great Depression, Part 2 (Interview Transcripts)

Episode 14 - Welcome to Your Library

Episode 15 - What's New at the Library?

Episode 16 - With Help from Your Library

Episode 17 - Join us this Summer at the Library!