2021 Resolutions

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Resolution DateResolution NumberResolution Description
1/11/20212021-01Annual Designation of City's Depository
1/11/20212021-02Annual Designation of City's Official Newspapers
1/11/20212021-03Annual Designation of Mileage Reimburse Rate
1/11/20212021-04Amend Real Estate 216 6th Ave NW
1/11/20212021-05Expand Independence Urban Renewal Area
1/25/20212021-06Section 384.42 Covering the 2021 Pavement Rehab
1/25/20212021-07Approving & Adopting plans, specs, cost & plat schedule
1/25/20212021-08Resolution of Necessity for the 2021 Pavement Rehab
1/25/20212021-09Approve/confirm plans, specs, contract, cost HWY 150
02/08/20212021-10Urban Renewal Amend for Independence Urban Renewal
02/08/20212021-11Setting Date for Public Hearing Urban Renewal Amend
02/08/20212021-12Endorsing Enterprise Dr Trail Phase II Funding Programs
02/22/20212021-13Approve FY2022 Maximum Property Tax Dollars
02/22/20212021-14Adopt Resolution Covering 2021 Pavement Rehab
02/22/20212021-15Notice to Bidders for the 2021 Pavement Rehab
02/22/20212021-16Notice of Hearing on Plans for 2021 Pavement Rehab
02/22/20212021-17Set Date to Approve Development Agree for Scooters
02/22/20212021-18Assessing Nuisance fees to property owners for snow.
03/08/20212021-19Approve Urban Renewal Plan Amend (S Gee 2016)
03/08/20212021-20Development Agreement B3 Brew LLC Scooters Coffee
03/08/20212021-21Set date for General Purpose Loans
03/08/20212021-22Support of Rural Innovation Grant Program
03/08/20212021-23Understanding with INRCOG 2 Housing Fund Contracts
03/08/20212021-24Approve Contract, Performance, Payment Bonds HWY150
03/22/20212021-25General Obligation Purpose Loan 2596K CIP/Sewer Bonds
03/22/20212021-26Setting date for Gen Purpose Loan 380,000.00
03/22/20212021-27Approve/confirm Contract cost 2021 Pavement Rehab
03/22/20212021-28Award Contract 2021 Pavement Rehab Heartland Asphalt
03/22/20212021-29RISE Grant 2021 (Enterprise DR E & Pries Expansion
03/22/20212021-30Approve Budget for FY 2022
03/22/20212021-31Assess Property Owners Snow Removal Fees
03/25/20212021-32Authorize Closure of Portion of Hwy 150
03/25/20212021-33Appoint City Clerk/Treasurer (A. Jasper)
03/25/20212021-34Salary Increase Deputy Clerk & Associate Clerk
04/12/20212021-35Assess Property Owners Snow Removal Fees
04/12/20212021-36Award contract for 2021 Sidewalk Replacement Project
04/12/20212021-37Approve CDBG app & designate mayor as representative
04/12/20212021-38Financial Assurance with CDBG (downtown Revitalization)
04/12/20212021-39Memo of Understanding with INRCOG
04/12/20212021-40Public Hearing to Enter Water Rev Loan Agree 1,200,000.00
04/12/20212021-41Approve Contract/Performance/Payment Bond 2021 St Rehab
04/12/20212021-42Accepting revisions to employee handbook (residency)
04/12/20212021-43Rescind Appointment of A. Jasper Res 2021-33
04/12/20212021-44Delete Property from Independence Urban Renewal Area
04/12/20212021-45Set date for Public Hearing Expanded URA & Amendment
04/12/20212021-46Federal Support to Expand & Enhance J Connell Field
04/12/20212021-47Appoint City Clerk/Treasurer S. Lampe
04/26/20212021-48Hearing on plans for 2021 Downtown Sidewalk Replacement
04/26/20212021-49Proposal General Obligation Loan Agreement
04/26/20212021-50Hearing on Proposal for Sewer Revenue Loan Agreement
05/10/20212021-51Additional Action to Enter into Sewer Rev Loan Agreement
05/10/20212021-52Issuance of Sewer Revenue Refund Bond Series 2021A
05/10/20212021-53Set Date to Approve Agreement with Indep Afford Storage
05/10/20212021-54Declare Necessity  & Establish Urban Renewal Area
05/10/20212021-55Set Date to Approve Development Agreement with Pries
05/10/20212021-56Liberty Trail South 20 Yr maint agree Federal Covid 19 funding
05/24/20212021-57Approve/confirm Plans, Specs, Contract Downtown Walks
05/24/20212021-58Award 2021 Downtown Sidewalk Project (Midwest Concrete)
05/24/20212021-59Approve Development Agreement with Pries
05/24/20212021-60Approve Development Agreement Affordable Storage
05/24/20212021-61Hearing on Enterprise DR RISE Ext Project, taking of Bids
05/24/20212021-62P & Z Board Appointment (J. Leaven)
05/24/20212021-63Approve FY2021 Budget Amendment
06/14/20212021-64Approve Contract & Estimate of Cost Enterprise Dr RISE Extension
06/14/20212021-65Award Contract Enterprise Dr RISE Extension  Project
06/14/20212021-66Salary/Wage Res Fiscal Year 2021/2022
06/14/20212021-67Assess Mowing nuisance fee
06/14/20212021-68Notice of Hearing for 6th Ave SW PCC Trail Project
06/14/20212021-69Approve Contract/Payment Bonds 2021 Downtown Sidewalk Replacement Project
06/14/20212021-70Public Hearing on Voluntary Annexation (Buch Co Fairgrounds)
06/14/20212021-71Public Hearing on 770K Sewer Improvement GO Bonds
06/14/20212021-72Decertify an Assessment (Legion-Ward 4 Sidewalk repair)
06/14/20212021-73Notice of Hearing Urban Revitalization Plan
06/28/20212021-74Add Action to Enter Loan Agreement (2596K GO Bond)
06/28/20212021-75Use of Preliminary Official Statement Water Rev Bonds
06/28/20212021-76Adopt Amend 2018 Indep Multi-Residential UR Area
06/28/20212021-77Approve Contract Enterprise Drive RISE Extension 
06/28/20212021-78Authorize App & Receipt of Funds American Rescue Plan
06/28/20212021-79Necessary Transaction 1388K Debt Service to Sewer Sinking Rescue
06/28/20212021-80Set Date Public Hearing for Sale of Property 100/106 16th AVE NW
06/28/20212021-81Salary Resolution Police Chief
07/06/20212021-82Reschedule Public Hearing Voluntary Annexation
07/06/20212021-83Approve Amended 28E Agreement EMS
07/12/20212021-84Approve Contract for 6th Ave SW PCC Trail
07/12/20212021-85Award Contract 6th Ave SW PCC Trail
07/12/20212021-86Public Hearing for CDBG Grant Application 7/26/2021
07/12/20212021-87Authorize Sale of Property 100/106 16th Ave NW
07/12/20212021-88Award GO Corporate Purpose Bonds, Series 2021
07/12/20212021-89Award Water Rev Loan Agreement Bonds, Series2021
07/12/20212021-90Reserve Officer Pay Increase
07/12/20212021-91Salary Resolution Police Captain
07/12/20212021-92Mowing Assessments
07/12/20212021-93Approve Contract City Hall Roof Repair
07/26/20212021-94Approval Annexation Request
07/26/20212021-95Resolution Necessity Downtown Revite Project
07/26/20212021-96Approve CDBG Covid-19 Grant
07/26/20212021-97Certain Financial Assurances CDBG Covid-19 Grant
07/26/20212021-98Approve MOU with INRCOG CDBG Covid-19 Grant
07/26/20212021-99Approve Contract Bonds 6th Ave SW PCC Trail
07/26/20212021-100Approve 2770K General Obligation Bonds
07/26/20212021-101Approve 1140K Water Revenue Bonds
07/26/20212021-102Transfer of a Development Agreement
07/26/20212021-103Certified PD Officer Sign on Bonus
08/09/20212021-104Street Conveyance for Larson Lane
08/09/20212021-105Downtown Façade Improvement Project Amendment
08/09/20212021-106Approve Engineering Services for 2022 St Rehab Project
08/09/20212021-107Wage Resolution
08/23/20212021-108Duplication of Benefits for Downtown Façade Improvement Projects
09/13/20212021-109Appointment of Independence Police Chief
09/13/20212021-110Appoint Engineer firm for the Nutrient Reduction Feasibility Study
09/27/20212021-111Approve a Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan
09/27/20212021-112Approve an Engineer Services Agreement for Liberty South Trail Extension
09/27/20212021-113Update the City of Independence Disaster Recovery Plan
10/11/20212021-114Contract with IA Economic Development Authority for Contract #21-DTR-002
10/11/20212021-115Contract with INRCOG to administer Contract #21-DTR-002
10/11/20212021-116Approve the Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Financial Report
10/11/20212021-117Accept Work covering the 2021 Downtown Sidewalk Project
11/08/20212021-118Contract with IA Economic Development Authority for Contract #20-CVN-003
11/08/20212021-119Contract with INRCOG to administer Contract #20-CVN-003
11/08/20212021-120Approve Fiscal Year 2021 Street Finance Report
11/08/20212021-121Set Date for Public Hearing for Urban Renewal Plan Amendment
11/08/20212021-122Mowing Assessment
11/22/20212021-123Authorizing Indebtedness Certification for TIF Revenue for Fiscal Year 2023
11/22/20212021-124Approve the Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Urban Renewal Report
11/22/20212021-125Mowing Assessment
12/13/20212021-126Approve Urban Renewal Plan Amendment
12/13/20212021-127Award Airport Engineering Award
12/13/20212021-128Award City Hall Tuckpointing Contract
12/13/20212021-129Accept the Work covering the 2021 Pavement Rehab Project
12/13/20212021-130Wage Adjustment Resolution