2022 Resolutions

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Resolution DateResolution NumberResolution Description
01/10/20222022-02Accept Work Covering 2021 Pavement Rehab Project
01/10/20222022-03Adopt Final Assessments for 2021 Pavement Rehab Project
01/10/20222022-04Annual Designation of City's Depository
01/10/20222022-05Annual Designation of City's Official Newspapers
01/10/20222022-06Annual Designation of Mileage Reimbursement Rate
01/10/20222022-07Appointment to Independence Light & Power Board of Trustees
01/10/20222022-08Appointment to Independence Light & Power Board of Trustees
01/10/20222022-09Appointment to Airport Board
01/10/20222022-10Appointment to Airport Board
01/10/20222022-11Appointment to Airport Board
01/10/20222022-12Appointment to Planning & Zoning Commission
01/10/20222022-13Appointment to Planning & Zoning Commission
01/10/20222022-14Appointment to Planning & Zoning Commission
01/10/20222022-15Appointment to Planning & Zoning Commission
01/10/20222022-16Appointment to Planning & Zoning Commission
01/10/20222022-17Appointment to Board of Adjustment
01/10/20222022-18Appointment to Board of Adjustment
01/24/20222022-19Change Meeting Times for Council Meetings
01/24/20222022-20Preliminary Resolution 2022 Street Rehabilitation Project
01/24/20222022-21Approve & Adopt Preliminary Plans, Specs, Estimate of Cost & Plat & Schedule 2022 Street Rehabilitation Project
01/24/20222022-22Proposed Resolution of Necessity 2022 Street Rehabilitation Project
01/24/20222022-23Notice of Hearing on Proposed Plans, Specs, Form of Contract and Estimate of Cost 2022 Street Rehabilitation Project
01/24/20222022-24Accept Work Covering Taxilane and Terminal Aron Rehabilitation Project
01/24/20222022-25Accept Work Covering T-Hangar Rehabilitation Project
01/24/20222022-26Replace & Repeal 2022-01 Amend Setting Date for a Public Hearing  for an Urban Renewal  Area and on Urban Renewal Plan & Project
01/24/20222022-27Accept & Approve the Declaration of Submission of Property to Horizontal Property Regime for Three Elms Condominiums
01/24/20222022-28Notice of Hearing on Proposed Plans, Specs, Form of Contact and Estimate of Cost Liberty Trail South Extension Project
01/24/20222022-29Endorse the Enterprise Drive Trail Phase II Project
01/24/20222022-30Endorse the STBG Funding Requirements for the First Street West Reconstruction Project
01/24/20222022-31Endorse the STBG Funding Requirements for the Independence STBG #2 Street Rehabilitation Project
01/24/20222022-32Sidewalk Fees Assessed