If my city decides not to sign the contract, can I purchase a card for library services?
The choice to continue or discontinue services will be made by each city when they decide whether or not to participate in the Fair Share Contract. According to Iowa Code 256.69, all cities are obligated to provide support for library services to their community.

Free public libraries (tax-supported libraries) strive to give service to anyone who walks through the door, regardless of income, background, gender, age, occupation, or ethnicity. Of course, the city or county in which that person resides must provide funding for that library for this to remain true. If libraries were to begin to accept money from individuals in return for a library card, then public libraries would no longer be able to provide services regardless of income or financial status. This would be compromising one of the core values public libraries have been founded on…equal access to information. Therefore, library cards will not be available for purchase.

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1. Haven’t these cities been paying for library services? How does this compare to funding from other sources?
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10. If my city decides not to sign the contract, can I purchase a card for library services?
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